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Who we are

The Japan Association for Student Counseling (JASC) is a group of researchers and practitioners who assist college students and the counselors, advisors, and professors who help them in departments by providing counseling services and health centers in Japanese universities and other higher educational settings. Theories and methods in college counseling are constantly evolving to accommodate  students’ traits and meet social demands. Therefore, the JASC was established in 1987 to respond to these changing needs by organizing various objectives, including introducing new knowledge and approaches, and sharing good practices. In April 2022, the JASC was registered as a general incorporated association, the Japan Association for Student Counseling, to promote research and development in student counseling, spread awareness of student counseling activities, and improve the quality of its members. As such, the Japan Association for Student Counseling was dissolved as a voluntary organization (The JASC is registered with the Science Council of Japan).



In 1951, several American SPS professors introduced counseling to Japan. 1955 The College Counseling study group was established. In 1962, the first National College Counseling Training was held. In 1983, the first College Counseling Study Meeting was held. In 1987, the Japanese Association for Student Counseling was established. In 1987, the JASC was approved as an academic research organization. In 1993, the first College Counseling Seminar was held. In 2001, the certified system of “JASC Certified University Counselor” began. In 2012, the certified system of “JASC Certified Student Support Specialist” began. In April 2022, the JASC was registered as a general incorporated association.


Registration Procedure

The procedure to apply for membership is as follows: Select the “Membership” page from the menu on the top page of the website and complete the membership application process using the “Membership Application Entry Form.” Attach two recommendations from association members. If you cannot find anyone as a recommender, please consult the Secretary of JASC. Upon acceptance and approval by the Board of Directors and payment of registration and annual membership dues, you will become a member.

Please contact the secretary for information on registration as a group or supporting member.



JASC has the following types of membership

Regular Member: Regular members are individuals who endorse the goals and activities of JASC, are employed in higher education, and are involved in student counseling.

Group Members: Group members are higher education institutions or a part of those who endorse the goals and activities of the JASC.

Supporting Members: Supporting members are individuals or groups who provide financial support to the JASC and endorse its goals and activities.

Honorary Members: Persons of distinguished service

Foreign Members: Directors from abroad


Training Programs

Workshops at the annual conference: Workshops related to counseling and various techniques are held during the annual academic conference to improve student counseling practices and research skills.

College Counseling Workshops for Faculty Staff Members and Counselors: This event is held annually to promote awareness and improve student counseling skills. Training is targeted not only at professionals but also faculty and staff members who are involved in supporting students in their daily lives, and ranges from basic courses on counseling to specialty training. The program primarily consists of special lectures, workshops, sectional meetings, and small lectures.

College Counseling Seminars: Several seminars are held each year to address current topics in student counseling. This training was approved for obtaining and renewing the JASC Certified University Counselor license or the JASC Certified Student Support Specialist license.


Annual Conference

The annual conference is our biggest event held once a year (in May) for three days, during which research presentations on student counseling, lectures, workshops, and membership meetings are held.


Academic Exchange

The JASC belongs to the Japanese Union of Psychological Associations and is involved in exchanges with the other members of these associations. Additionally, the JASC has international exchanges with the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors(AUCCCD), the American College Counseling Association (ACCA), and other overseas associations.



The Japanese Journal of Student Counseling: To share knowledge among members, we publish a journal three times a year on the results of practical student counseling research. The journal includes original articles, research papers, regular articles, short reports, brief reports, book reviews, and association-affair reports.

Student Counseling Newsletter: Our newsletter is published three times a year and posted on the member-only section of the website. The newsletter includes publicity articles that provide opportunities for mutual exchange between members.

Books: JASC publishes “The Student Counseling Handbook” and other books related to the theory and practice of student counseling.



JASC Certified University Counselor: Members who have fulfilled the prescribed eight criteria, including experience in assisting students as a counselor at a student counseling agency, research experience in student counseling, and training experience in student counseling, are certified as “JASC Certified University Counselors”.

JASC Certified Student Support Specialist: Faculty and staff involved in student support are certified as “JASC Certified Student Support Specialist” after attending designated training courses, undergoing practical training under supervision, and having their results compiled in a report for review and verified as having met the prescribed requirements.



JASC Award / JASC Special Award: The JASC Award is presented to members who have advanced the quality and growth of the association.

Incentive Award for Research/Incentive Award for Practice Activity: JASC awards incentives for research and practice activities to members who have made significant accomplishments in the fields of research and practice.


Others Activities

The JASC’s goal is to contribute to the development of student counseling in our country. We conduct surveys and research related to student counseling agencies and formulate guidelines.


Executive Council

Term of office: Two years, May 14, 2023 – Regular board meeting of Representatives in 2025


Vice President:

Board of Directors:



Terms of office: Four years, May 14, 2023 – Regular board meeting of Representatives in 2027


Committees and Chairs

Editorial Committee:

Research Committee:

Training Committee/The Organizing Committee of the Student Counseling Training Seminar:

Academic Exchange and Conference Committee:

Conference Sub-Committee:

Certification Committee:

Public Relations Committee:

Ethics Committee:

Finance Committee:

Special Committee:

Awards Committee:

Executive Secretary:


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