About JASC

About JASC

Who we are(JASCとは)

The Japanese Association of Student Counseling (JASC) is a group of researchers and practitioners who assist college students and the counselors, advisors, and professors who help them in such departments as counseling services and health centers in Japanese universities and other higher educational settings. Theories and methods in the practice of college counseling are constantly developing to fit the characteristics of students and social demands. JASC was established in 1987 to help meet these changing needs by organizing various objectives, including the introduction of new knowledge and efforts and the sharing of practical achievements. (JASC is registered by the Science Council of Japan.)


History of JASC(沿革)

1951 Several American SPS professors introduced counseling to Japan. 1955 The College Counseling Study Group was founded. 1962 The first National College Counseling Training was held. 1983 The first College Counseling Study Meeting was held. 1987 The Japanese Association of Student Counseling was founded. 1987 JASC was approved as academic research organization. 1993 The first College Counseling Seminar was held. 2001 Certified system of “University Counselors” began. 2012 Certified system of “Gakusei Shienshi ” began.

Admission Procedure(入会手続き)

The procedure for admission into the association is as follows. ・Obtain an application: requests for an application form can be made to the office by telephone, FAX or e-mail ・Fill out the application and send it to the office: along with two recommendations by association members. If you are not able to find a recommender please consult the office. This step is not necessary for group members. ・Be accepted by the JASC committee ・After receiving notification of acceptance, membership will be recognized upon payment of the admission fee and the annual fee.

JASC Membership(会員)

There are 3 types of membership in JASC.

Regular Member Regular members are those individuals who endorse the goals and activities of JASC, are employed in a place of higher education、 and who are involved in student counseling.

Group Member Group members are institutions of higher education or a portion of such who endorse the goals and activities of JASC.

Supporting Member Supporting members are those individuals or groups whose provide financial support to JASC and who endorse the goals and activities of JASC.

Training Programs(研修プログラム)

・Workshops at the annual meeting Workshops relating to counseling and various techniques are held during the annual academic meeting. ・College Counseling Workshops for Faculties staff members and Counselors This event, aimed at cultivating the spread of student counseling, is held once a year, in November, for a span three days in Tokyo. Training is targeted not only at professionals but at faculty and staff members who are involved in supporting students in their daily life and ranges from basic courses on counseling to specialty training. The program mainly consists of special lectures, sectional meetings and small lectures. ・College Counseling Seminars (twice a year) Spring Seminar: 2 days, current topics, around 120 participants Summer Seminar: training camp format, around 30 participants (focused on case studies, mutual exchange) *These trainings are approved for obtaining or renewing a college counseling license or Gakusei Shienshi license.

Annual Meeting(学会大会・総会)

The annual meeting is our biggest event held once a year (in May) for three days in which research speeches on student counseling, lectures, workshops and the general assembly are carried out. In general the event location alternates between the Tokyo area and other regions each year.

Academic Exchange(学術交流)

JASC belongs to the Japanese Union of Psychological Associations and is involved in exchanges with other members of the association. Also, JASC has international exchanges with the American College Counseling Association (ACCA) and other oversea associations.


・The Japanese Journal of Student Counseling In order to share knowledge between members, we publish a journal three times a year on the results of practical student counseling research. The journal includes original articles, case studies, investigative research, practical research and materials made by members. ・Newsletter Our newsletter is published and sent to members three times a year. The newsletter includes publicity articles, along with articles that are opportunities for mutual exchange between members. ・Books JASC publishes “The Student Counseling Handbook” and other books related to the theory and practice of student counseling.

Credential Program(資格認定)

・University Counselors JASC certifies members who have fulfilled a set of 8 prescribed items, such as experience supporting students as a counselor of a student counseling organization, a track record of activities including JASC’s research presentation, and a record of participating in training related to student counseling, with a “University Counselor” license.

・Gakusei Shienshi Faculty involved in student support who have performed individual support and collaboration based on supportive communication, while performing personal and environmental assessment according to the philosophy of student personnel services may be granted “Gakusei Shienshi” certification.

Commendation System(表彰)

・JASC Award / JASC Special Award The JASC award is given to members who have made accomplishments toward the advancement of the quality and growth of the association. ・Incentive Award for Research / Incentive Award for Practice Activity JASC awards the Incentive Award for Research and the Incentive Award for Practice Activity to members who have made significant accomplishments in the fields of research and practice.


JASC’s goal is to contribute to the development of student counseling in our country. We carry out research related to student counseling organizations and have established guidelines in regard to them.

Contact us

JASC’s OFFICE Address :1-1-9-203 Nishi-Kubo, Musashino-city, Tokyo, 180-0013 Japan TEL/FAX :0422-56-2065 (for international calls (+81) 422-56-2065) e-mail :info@gakuseisodan.com(*Please contact us through email or by mail)

Executive Council of JASC (2019.5-2022.4)

President Kyoko Takaishi(Konan University, Professor, Faculty of Letters)
Secretary Akira  Takano(The University of Tokyo, Associate Professor, Division for Counseling and Support)
  Chair (Executive Director) Committee Members (Executive Board Members) Cooperation Committee Members (Members)
Editorial Committee Mika Saito (Sapporo Gakuin University) 4 Members  
Study Committee Masashi Sugie (University of Tsukuba) 3 Members  
Training Committee Yoshihiko Terashima (International Christian University) 3 Members  
Publicity Committee Nobuko Azumi (Kobe College) 1 Member  
Accounting Committee Hikaru Okuno (Nishogakusha University) 2 Members  
Academic Exchange Committee Kenichi Suzuki (Nagoya University) 1 Member  
Certification Committee Hirotoshi Oshima (Hiroshima Shudo University) 2 Members  
Ethical Comittee Kazuko Mitobe (Showa Women’s University) 2 Members  
Special Committee Atsuko Iwata (Seikei University) 1 Member  
Auditor-Secretary Rumi Fukudome (Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University) Setsuko Kubouchi (Yamanashi Eiwa University)

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